Not far away from the sea the hinterland is already there, where nature is the absolute master: its charm is a must that should be fully experienced.
Going up the steep slopes of the hills you pass from a brush made of holm-oaks, olive trees and chestnuts to woods of cluster pines and oaks, the Spanish brooms are everywhere, to then get to the forests of black pines and fir trees.
The hinterland is made up of a variety of woods, meadows, caves, narrow gorges and streams. The rocks, sometimes on cliffs dropping sheer to the sea, hide the nests of the peregrine falcon and the herring gull, that here breed undisturbed.


The hinterland also means excellent food: in the many restaurants and inns you can taste typical Ligurian dishes like the borage ravioli (stuffed pasta) with rabbit meat sauce, the trenette al pesto, the farinata (chickpea pie) and the fish, always invariably fresh.
The hinterland also means olive trees. The variety typical of this area is the Taggiasca from which the straw-yellow extra-virgin olive oil is made: it has a fruity fragrance which boosts the flavours.
The typical Arancio Pernambuco from Finale Ligure could become one of the Slow Food Presidi (a group of typical produces, products, animal breeds etc., at risk of extinction).